"I am a choreographer who creates work that investigates the human condition in its most primal forms.

I am interested in exploring new ways that they body can move and connecting them to everyday human experiences.

I am interested in creative and athletic movement that still speaks to the audience on a visceral level.

I am also a dancer and a dance advocate who seeks to further the art of concert dance in our culture by making it more accessible to new audiences."


-Abby Williams Chin


Abby Williams Chin is a contemporary modern choreographer based in Chicago Illinois.

Her choreographic repertoire includes over 15 works, with her choreography being featured in Loyola University's Senior Showcase, Delve Showcase 2016, Bates Dance Festival 2013, Noumenon New Moves Choreographic Showcase 2015, The Coincidentals’ Mess Hall 2015, Core Project’s Going Dutch 2015 and 2016, Inaside Dance Chicago’s Choreographic Sponsorship Event 2015, Dance Chicago’s New Moves Series 2014 and 2015, North Carolina Dance Alliance 2013, the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble’s repertoire among other performances.


She has also performed professionally with The Coincidentals, Jamm 'N Honey, Heather Carpenter, Sara Tourek, and Jason Aryeh in North Carolina and Chicago. Chin is currently living in Chicago where, in addition to creating and performing her own work, she teaches various styles of dance in the Chicago Park Districts, Chicago Public Schools, and Steps Performing Arts Center.


Chin received her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography and her BA in Arts Administration with a minor in Communications from Elon University.

Photo by John Timpone

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